Fine Dining

Dining-In is the new Dining-Out

With popular TV shows such as Master Chef and British Bake Off, fine cuisine prepared at home is now more widespread than ever.

For a fine fining atmosphere you need to consider several things to create, not just great food, but a great dining experience:  Think about:

Tableware and table linen

Porcelain and china are most commonly associated with more formal dining or special occasions. Prices vary from affordable to extremely high.  But you can achieve the look and the luxury and show you have made the effort by choosing wisely.  Our Collections will show you a range of designs and shapes that will suit all tastes and home decors and budgets.

You then need to choose which tableware you actually need for the type of food you serve and also for the occasion.  You can buy tableware in separate pieces and buy accordingly, or you can choose our full 68 piece dinner service which takes the hassle out for you.  It contains everything you could need to serve a full 3 course meal with tea or coffee for up to 8 people and comes in one neat box. At eternitytableware, we have already done the thinking for you.  But if you don't need that many you can opt for the 28 piece dinner service which has all the plates you need to serve 4 people.  Then just add extras based on what you are likely to serve.

Then you need to consider your base: the table linen.  You can go for either the classic plain white table cloth and allow the design in your tableware and your food to do the talking or you could go for a dramatic tablerunner and coordinating napkins for a really special occasion.  If tablerunners are not your thing, match your place mats to the colours in the tableware for a more subtle look.   

Finishing touches with napkin rings can really add a touch of glamour and complement the theme and atmosphere you are looking to create.  You can choose from crystal and beaded to simple straw string to hold your napkins neatly.  Think about how you display your napkins as these also contribute to the look.  Folded straight, they are more modern, twisted or fluted and they are more formal.  Simply rolled is a more classic look.

Candles can really add to the mood and the lighting of the room.  Choose something that complements your overall look.  They should not overpower but supplement. It really is up to you and allows your personality to come through.  Have fun with setting your table.